If you or a team are interested in volunteering at PCC, please read and understand the information below:

One month Trial

Ever since PCC has existed, there has been a firm rule in place that anyone wanting to volunteer at PCC for a medium to long period must undergo a one month trail period. The reason for this is to ensure that there is a good fit and that you work well with the local staff and children. Secondly, it is intended to help you by ensuring that you are staying mentally and spiritually healthy while you are here.

Pcc is a Christian project

As such, we are openly Christian in the way that we teach and approach things. If you are a non Christian you are welcome to visit, but we will restrict your visit to one month. The reason for this is that we believe firmly in having Christian leaders and mentors for our children, and we feel strongly that while you are most welcome, your visit will be restricted.

Once accepted, you must understand that all positions for non Basotho people are non-paid. You are responsible for fund raising, as well as having the spiritual support of your home church or pastor. You are responsible to assist us in any costs incurred in helping you with local transport. You are also responsible for your own food and similar costs while staying at PCC. PCC will provide housing and basic cooking equipment for your visit.

You are financially and spiritually responsible for yourself

If you know us, please just get in touch via e mail and we can discuss when would be best to visit. If you don't know us and haven't been to PCC before, we would love to know more about you. Please complete the application form below.