Skills wanted

Below is a list of some of the skills we are very much in need of at PCC. If you are able to assist us with these needs, please consider doing a short term volunteer trip to us.


Child counsellor

Due to the traumatic pasts of many of our children, we are looking for an experienced child counsellor to assist us. The role will largely focus on training our local staff on some of the basics for child counseling



The plumbing at PCC needs a lot of attention. Over the years it has been pieced together with parts that were available. However, there are often leaks and water wastage and we would love someone with specific plumbing skills to assist us and train our maintenance staff.



We would really love some assistance in getting our accounting methods up to a high standard. If anyone can assist us in staff training and/or auditing, we would greatly appreciate it.


Pre school teacher

We have a PCC pre school which is staffed by an untrained but very eager lady from the village. We would love to give her some training to make her job more effective.