Current Projects

The focus of PCC is helping children in need. To do that we have various projects.

Day to day operations

Our biggest monthly cost is simply to keep the Centre operating. This primarily consists of buying enough food to feed the 90 mouths, and providing salaries for the local staff who care for the children. Our main funding aim every month is to raise enough to keep the Centre running and the children provided for.




From the day the decision was made to start the Centre, there has been a need to start and continue various building projects. There is constantly a need for renovations of existing buildings, as well as building of brand new ones. Every building project helps to make life better for the staff who work with the children, as well as the children themselves. From time to time we recognize a new building need and aim at raising support to see it completed. We have a great relationship with the best local builders who are new a part of the family themselves. These projects not only help the Centre, but support these builders as well.



Food parcels

There are many cases of children living in the villages who have relatives or neighbors who look after them in the event that their own family is unable to. In the cases where there is a chance for the child to stay in their village rather than live at the Centre, PCC provides a monthly food parcel for that child and family in order to assist a little. This food parcel not only helps provide for the family, but ensure that the child living in that home has value. Sadly these children are not always valued simply as God's Children, and in these cases the food parcel ensures that the child remains safely in that home. The monthly food parcels are a secondary focus for the Centre, but its never something that we want to skip, as so many people rely on them.

Visiting groups

From time to time various visiting churches and groups will come to PCC in order to assist and minister in the way they feel they can. We are grateful for these groups and the work that they do. We have many friends who have helped to build and grow PCC over the years, and all the various projects they have been involved in have helped make PCC what it is today.

Please see our volunteer page if you are a visiting group.