Although we function mostly as 'Pulane Children's Centre,' we are actually involved in a few projects.

The legal charity that we established is called All For Africa’s Children Today in Lesotho. Under that banner, 3 projects operate. The primary project is Pulane Children's Centre, where our focus is on caring for the +- 80 children from the general area.

The second project is the Shepherd school. This has been set up to provide basic schooling for the local shepherds. After work, 4 evenings a week, the shepherds attend the school, where they receive a warm meal, and some basic lessons. We are excited to run the school, as the shepherds would otherwise not have any opportunity to learn basic things like reading and writing. 

The third project is the Semonkong program. AFACTL stepped in to assist this project when the previous organization running it moved out of Lesotho. The program aims to support old ladies and children in their home villages, by assisting with income generating projects, basic foods, pastoral care and other supportive initiatives. We are excited to assist the old folks and children up there in some small, but hopefully meaningful ways.