Photo competition winner for subject 'Home.'

I always seem to start writing these newsletters with a comment about the weather. While I realize what a cliché that is, rural life seems to be so much more connected to the seasons and the weather than modern urban life. As Emily and I took a stroll recently, she commented how amazing it is to see just how many fruit trees there are in this area. We can see them easily right now because they are all blooming bright pinks and whites. It’s just incredible that even with no rain, these trees find a way to be beautiful and full of life. What strikes me is that our children display a similar resilience: despite their history, often lacking in love and care, they are still filled with light, joy and laughter. 

Happy smiles at the Shepherd Party

Happy smiles at the Shepherd Party

In early August we had a great visit from Carol and Stephen from Team Hope in Ireland. Team Hope is involved in many practical ministries, and are well known for their Christmas Shoebox Appeal, of which PCC has often been a recipient. During their visit, we had a party for 50 of the local shepherd boys. These boys get very little in life, and so a party where we were able to give them Team Hope Shoeboxes and a warm meal, resulted in big smiles and lots of laughter. The most important aspect, which we hope they realized, is that they are important, and there are people who do care about them

Photo competition winner for subject 'Portrait.'

We had a fun visit from 3 Peace Corps friends who have been working in Mozambique for the last 2 years. We had a great time drinking many coffees with them, and swapping notes about the ups and downs of rural life.

During the winter holidays, with the help of our Irish friends Rob, Patrice, Ericka, Stephen and Ben, we ran a camera club. The kids were taught how to do the basics on a few point and shoot cameras that we have, and were told to go out and capture pictures from 5 categories: Home, Nature, Happiness, Favorite Color and Portrait. What we got back was amazing. Some great shots, some lucky shots, and of course a fair amount of duds. We chose the best 5 from each category and put them up on Facebook, where the winner from each one was the picture with the most likes. 

Photo competition winner for subject 'Favorite color.'

We then had fun showing the children the pictures, and handing out prizes to the winners! 

Two of these limited edition pictures are available on our website for purchase, and all the profits will go to our PCC playground fund. (Unfortunately we cannot sell pictures with children as the subject matter, hence only two pictures can be sold).

Photo competition winner for subject 'Nature.'

The staff at PCC continue to grow and develop into good leaders. They are doing a great job not only in keeping PCC going, but they are always on the lookout for how we can improve. It’ encouraging to see them come up with good ideas, and put them into practice. We are excited about it because that’s exactly what we want for the future of PCC.

Photo competition winner for subject 'Happiness.'

Thank you to everyone who supports PCC, in all the various ways. We certainly need it and rely on your partnership. 

Have a great month ahead.

Emily, Grant and Jane.