March 2017

Through the month of February we were lucky enough to have Emily's mom visiting Pulane. Later in the month her stepdad also joined us. It was great for us to show them what we do at PCC, and what day-to-day life is like. After a few days they adapted to no showers, occasional worms in the water, and other rural treats. They had a great time and were able to apply their unique gifts and talents to productive projects around PCC.

Showing them what we do here reminded me that it's a question we often get. What exactly do we do here? I thought I would share a few of the projects that we have been working on and how these benefit the long-term operation of PCC.


Financial oversight and bridging the gap between our sponsors and the staff at Pulane is something that takes up much of our 'admin' time.

One of the biggest responsibilities we have is to keep a good handle on the accounts. It is vital for those who donate money to know where it is going and that it is being well-managed. During the last month we upgraded our accounting system to Quickbooks. It is turning out to be an easier and more effective way to monitor expenses and donations. .


Another big project is developing a more structured reporting system as a way for our local staff to assess the status of PCC happenings and facilities. This is useful for us to see what they recognize as needs, and to give them a way address those.

By completing monthly reports, we are starting to get a better idea of what the main ongoing needs are and how we can plan for them.

In addition to this, we have started an iPad-based system of updating and checking each child's information. This system allows us to compile information like the general health and behavior of each child. We plan to do this quarterly in order to figure out trends. What is great about the system is that we can easily pick up which children need something extra, be it in terms of health care, schooling, psychological, or general behavior. These systems are all something we have set up so that the staff can keep them running for the long term.

We often get questions about the make up of the children here and I thought we would share some interesting stats about PCC (Right) that have come in with the first round of reporting. 

Some of the Choir gilrs singing for Emily's parents

Some of the Choir gilrs singing for Emily's parents

One of the little girls enjoying the Choir singing for Emily's Parents.

Jane playing with her best friend Aggie.

PCC children ages

FKT project

I've excitedly been working on a little fundraising idea that I hope to roll-out before the end of March. I am planning a running route to the top of the highest peak in our area. The idea to set this up as an FKT (Fastest Known Time) route, and invite runners to come and give it a shot, for a suggested donation to PCC. I need to work on a few more aspects of it, and when ready all the info will be in the website for anyone interested in visiting and giving it a go!

Other news

This month a new child joined us. He has a mother from the village close by, but the chief and her neighbors asked her to bring the child to us. The mother is mentally unwell and she was not able to care for the child well. He is 2 years old but looks like he is half that. He is malnourished and will need to be well looked after to get him healthy and on the right track. We are so glad to help in cases like this.

Our car 'Schwampy' swimming his way through the river.

Just like South Africa, we have received an abundance of rain, and the land is loving it!

Keep a lookout on our Instagram and Facebook pages for more news, fundraising requests and pictures. Thanks as always for your support,

Emily, Grant and Jane.