It’s hard to believe its November! As many people rush about to get things done, it seems like we are not immune to that out here in the mountains. As November sets-in, and Christmas creeps closer, we start to cast our vision to the new year, and all that we hope to accomplish with it.

October snow

November has become a planning month at PCC. We hold a staff workshop to allow each staff member to comment, give input and ideas, and help us figure out how we can improve PCC and ensure we are all doing the best job we can. It’s a time to set goals for the next year as well. These goals include projects that we hope to do, equipment and maintenance we need, and general improvements required to make sure PCC is going strong.

This list of goals and projects helps visiting teams and financial sponsors determine how they can best come alongside PCC. So keep a lookout for that information in the next month on our website.

After a fairly mild winter, we all got a big surprise to wake up to snow in early October! We had to get the wood stoves going again, and pull our jackets out of storage. Previous to the snow we also got lots of rain that, thankfully, filled up the rivers and provided much relief for the land.

Caro, Tarryn and Morgan on the summit of Thaba Putsoa

We were so thankful to have ‘Me’ Joanie around in October. She volunteered to join us for a month as a counsellor to help train some of our staff, and spend some much needed one-on-one time with certain children. Her visit was very encouraging to everyone, and we would welcome her back anytime!

Caro, Tarryn and Morgan, friends from Bloemfontein and Kimberly, did a great job completing the Thaba Putsoa FKT this month. The run is a fundraising project to get money for a new jungle gym, and with visits like theirs, we are moving closer to our goal. We are grateful to their support crew who joined, and also raised money for the project!

Kimi, in our favorite spot, back in 2010.

Kimi, in our favorite spot, back in 2010.

We are planning on getting our usual Christmas fundraiser online soon. To some it might seem repetitive to have a fundraiser for shoes, uniforms and school fees again, but the reality is that as a Children’s Centre, having those things covered is such a huge help. Families with a few school-going children probably feel like they are always buying shoes and clothes for school, so imagine having 70 children who all need that! We are grateful to have supporters who understand this and who always join us in these campaigns.

If you missed out on last month’s news, check out the ‘News’ section of our website to see news on what our family will be up to in 2018. And for those who would like to subscribe to our family newsletter, please see the link below.

We had a jumping castle donated this month! Endless fun.

Lastly, we said goodbye to a good friend this month. Our dog Kimi, who was with me since 2007 in Semonkong, passed away this month. It wasn’t unexpected, and she lived a fun and full life in these big mountains where she now rests.

Have a great month ahead,

Grant, Emily and Jane.