Pulane Children's Centre is a home for orphaned and vulnerable children in the rural area of Ha Makoae, in the Quthing District of Lesotho.

The Centre is home to over 70 children, who rely on PCC for a safe and loving home. The children are all from the surrounding areas, and while they still attend school in the local communities, they receive meals, clothing, food as well as loving care from the staff at PCC.

PCC was founded in 2008 by Jill Kinsey and Grant Strugnell. You can read more about the history here

In 2016, Grant became the official director of the charity that runs PCC, when Jill retired after many years of dedicated work. Grant and his family serve as overseers, creating a link between donors and the local staff. The Centre itself is staffed by 17 local, hardworking staff who do the daily work of caring for so many children. 

Anyone who would like to know more, please contact Grant or Emily Strugnell by clicking the email link at the bottom of the page, or explore our webpage and social media pages.